Rajasekaran Manikandan’s Journey: Engineer to Manager at APECO

Hi, I’m Manikandan. Back in 2010, I started my journey at APECO as an engineer. Over the years, I’ve seen APECO as not just a workplace but a flexible, family-oriented company.
As a foreigner, I was amazed by the equal opportunities given to everyone, regardless of nationality. APECO truly values talent and dedication above all else.
With the support of my colleagues and Management, who have become like family to me, I’ve grown from an engineer to a Manager in the Plant Service division. It’s been an incredible journey filled with challenges and triumphs.
Looking ahead, I’m excited about the future at APECO. The culture of support, inclusivity, and opportunity makes me confident that together, we’ll achieve even greater success.
Here’s to many more years of growth and collaboration at APECO!