Pioneering Expertise in Power & Water Infrastructure at APECO

With over 13 years within APECO’s Project and Plant Services Team, I’ve gained extensive experience in power plant and PUB water system construction, commissioning, and maintenance across diverse electrical and mechanical disciplines. My portfolio boasts successful project delivery in Singapore and internationally, including a geothermal power plant project in Indonesia.

APECO’s exceptional management team fosters a culture of continuous learning. Their mentorship has been invaluable in propelling my professional growth. I’m particularly grateful for the personalized guidance and support that have allowed me to overcome major challenges including setting-up the first motor overhaul facility in APECO.

Currently, I have the distinct honor of leading APECO’s team on the groundbreaking first hydrogen power energy storage system project in Singapore. This cutting-edge initiative aligns perfectly with my passion for sustainable solutions and positions me at the forefront of this exciting energy transition.