We are APECO

Incorporated in July 1970, Asia Projects Engineering Pte Ltd (APECO) has a proven track record in delivering high-quality, extremely reliable, and cost-effective services. Our dedication to excellence, while being committed to safety, has built our exceptional reputation and healthy relationships with our esteem clients and business partners.

Investing on Our People

We don’t just build structures, we build people! Continuous learning fuels continuous improvement. We create a culture of continuous learning to match the changes in various industries that we serve. We fully invest in our people to bring out the best in each of them. Our people are empowered with the expertise they need to fulfill their roles and to deliver a better quality of work, thereby serving our customers better.

We promote continuous learning

We encourage continuous improvement

Life at APECO

Listen to the heart-warming stories of our employees so you could have an inside look of our company culture. From the words of our valued employees who experience it firsthand, you can learn more about how to be part of South East Asia’s leading company in EPCC and Maintenance.



Rajasekaran Manikandan’s Journey: Engineer to Manager at APECO

Hi, I’m Manikandan. Back in 2010, I started my journey at APECO as an engineer. Over the years, I’ve seen APECO as not just a workplace but a flexible, family-oriented company.
As a foreigner, I was amazed by the equal opportunities given to everyone, regardless of nationality. APECO truly values talent and dedication above all else.
With the support of my colleagues and Management, who have become like family to me, I’ve grown from an engineer to a Manager in the Plant Service division. It’s been an incredible journey filled with challenges and triumphs.
Looking ahead, I’m excited about the future at APECO. The culture of support, inclusivity, and opportunity makes me confident that together, we’ll achieve even greater success.
Here’s to many more years of growth and collaboration at APECO!

January 2024

Manikandan, Manager - Plant Services

I started my journey at APECO as an engineer. APECO is not just a workplace...


AD Manager

Pioneering Expertise in Power & Water Infrastructure at APECO

With over 13 years within APECO’s Project and Plant Services Team, I’ve gained extensive experience in power plant and PUB water system construction, commissioning, and maintenance across diverse electrical and mechanical disciplines. My portfolio boasts successful project delivery in Singapore and internationally, including a geothermal power plant project in Indonesia.

APECO’s exceptional management team fosters a culture of continuous learning. Their mentorship has been invaluable in propelling my professional growth. I’m particularly grateful for the personalized guidance and support that have allowed me to overcome major challenges including setting-up the first motor overhaul facility in APECO.

Currently, I have the distinct honor of leading APECO’s team on the groundbreaking first hydrogen power energy storage system project in Singapore. This cutting-edge initiative aligns perfectly with my passion for sustainable solutions and positions me at the forefront of this exciting energy transition.

March 2024

Wendell, AD Manager

With over 13 years within APECO's Project and Plant Services Team, I've gained extensive experience in


Senior Purchasing Executive

My Experience in APECO

Hi, My name is Doreen and I have been working in APECO as a Senior Purchasing Executive for more than 50 years now.

My job scope includes sourcing and negotiating of pricing on all materials required for our Teams need as EPC, Plant Maintenance & Electrical Department. The strong sense of trust and empowerment from the bosses, and all my fellow colleagues, allows me to have full confidence in my assignment.

Our Management’s genuine care and concerns for all employees is one strong reason for the employee Loyalty towards APECO. We worked closely as a FAMILY since day 1 when I was recruited till now. I do wish to continue to provide my service to APECO as long as I am still healthy and hoping that my on-going journey Will be smooth and well supported by my colleagues.

June 2024

Doreen, Senior Purchasing Executive

“I have been working in APECO as a Senior Purchasing Executive for more than 50 years”